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RuckinRugby are making a focused effort to recruit more clubs here in the UK for next season.

There is a worrying trend of underused, dull, template websites out there with pixelated images and hand drawn club badges … enough is enough!

On the left you can click the image to download our brochure for more details, or better still Get in touch – we are here to help your club/team/union realise it’s potential.

Check out these Testimonials from others who have chosen to take their clubs to the next level and stand out from the crowd.

In the meantime, here are Ten Reasons to choose RuckinRugby – we call them the #RR Reasons:

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No Obligation Consultation
When you contact us about getting a website, there is no obligation and every one of our clients is unique. We will talk to you about why you should, or should not get a website. Our services can be tailored to mean different things to different clients. Get in touch for a no-obligation chat.
Just like any business, maybe even more so – the core of what you do has to be your brand. What makes your club special? What is going to make a business sponsor you or a player join you? we will work with you to create your brand both philisophically and visually. We re-draw all our clubs’ logos and we can help you use that in stash design and offline marketing too if you want. We have a global network of marketing professionals at our disposal.
Unique website
Once we have your brand, we will use this to create your unique website design. You do not want to look the same as everyone else, – what is the point of that? every one of our sites is unique and the sky is the limit.
Attract Sponsors
We already know a bit about attracting sponsors, but we are certainly learning more every season. We work with elite sports marketing specialists and designers to create your marketing material – if you want it. Everything you need is here, even if it’s just a bit of advice.
Attract Players
We work with various recruitment specialists, if that’s your bag – but more importantly we use our marketing skills to make sure that your club is the club players want to join. The success from this is self perpetuating.
Social Media
Social Media is simple, – right? Maybe, but getting it right for your club is a little more complicated. We will work with you to make sure only official accounts are out there and everything is under your control. We also help promote our clubs’ news through our own channels, all over the world.
The RR Family
We continually push the ‘RuckinRugby Family’ because it is at the root of our ethos as a company. We want our clubs to feel like they can learn from each other. We’d love to introduce player sharing and club twinning, cross border fixtures and tours within our family of clubs.
ClubHub is a phenomenal tool and it is now used by around 5 of our clients. For a club it guarantees a massive increase in membership payments and provides a great tool for secure payments, accounting, secure communication and much much more. For a Union it can provide player registration, league management and fixture creation. Please contact us to find out more as there is way too much to cover here.
24/7 Support
Not only do we provide 24/7 support to all our clients, but more importantly it is support from people who understand what we do AND understand rugby. We’re rugby people. It makes a difference.
Partner for Life
RuckinRugby do not design you a website and ride off into the sunset, we are your web partner for life. We can be the digital arm of your rugby organisation and help/advise you with just about any facet of digital/online/web/marketing that you think you may need a hand with. Just shout.

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